Marketing During Valentines and For The Holidays

Are you using holidays as a promotional strategy?

There are three main components that I want you to think about when it comes to using holidays as a way for you to create money, improve your customer retention, and also for promotion. Well, I just told you the three so let me break them down. 

Whenever you use holidays, as a way to promote your company, be sure to have these three.

  1. You want to have money in mind. You want to think of ways to generate more money in your childcare business. You want to think of ways for parents to be able to say sure, I don’t mind investing another $30, $50, $100 or $200 in your organization to receive a service outside of my regular contract offer. So you got to think some of those ideas through.
  2. You want to make sure that you’re providing holiday events that are built around retention. You want to retain as many of your parents as possible. Any event is a great way to do that. Plus, some other things I’m going to share with you today. 
  3. Then you want to make sure that you’re using a component of the holiday for promotions. You want to be able to promote your childcare business through something that would have normally been an everyday opportunity, but yet you’re using it for promotions. So let me explain to you exactly what I mean. 

#1 Promotion and Money Generation 

Number one, there’s a promotion that you can begin during your program called ‘Little kings and queens’, little kings and queens can be a fan of all three formats such as you can generate money, because you can make the little kings and queens a fundraiser. You can generate retention because the parents will be so engaged and involved with making your event a great success. And then you can use it for promotions. You can have other people in the community or even include their children and the little kings and queens sneaker ball dress up day little princess wherever it is that you want to spin the idea of a little King and a little queen from your childcare program. You could do that as well. And look, you can think of those three components of ways to use Valentine’s or any holiday as a way of promotion. 

Another idea that I thought about was Parents Night Out, you know parents are interested in going on a date night. So don’t wait until Valentine’s Day to start promoting, utilizing your parents Night Out service well in advance. You can start a Parents Night Out service that they can take advantage of from two weeks before Valentine’s or even after Valentine’s. Get creative. Don’t allow everyone to impress upon you to be the same. Do something different.

#2 Retention

So if you use the idea of Parents Night Out, you can use it to retain your current parents by offering them opportunities to winthat parents night out. You can use it for promotion where parents can utilize it for word of mouth. The more people they tell, the more people they have to give your business a call or review, they become eligible for free parents night out or you can use it as a way to make money and offer to your community of individuals that’s in your area where they can pay to have Parents Night Out access. 

Also, you can utilize the I Love My Childcare bulletin board and classroom door activities that the staff would do as a way for parents to vote. Now how can you make money from this? Well, you can give money as a way of people making a vote of which door or which bulletin board was the best. Or you can use it as a way for parents to share on their page so that you can get more people to have more votes for that particular classroom. And whatever classroom that child is in, the classroom wins something special so that you can use that as a way for retention and as a way for promotion. 

I’ve shared with you my concept and you can apply it to any holiday especially the Valentine’s Day holiday. I look forward to making sure that you have a business model in place where strategies like these are included in your yearly marketing strategy. 

To find out more about what I do and how I can help you, be sure to meet me live in our conference this upcoming April by going to www.jumpstartmychildcaresuccess.com 

As always remember, if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.