Modernizing Your Employee Handbook

Hey everybody! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here. Welcome to today’s blog post. In our blog post, we are in a series of how to improve your employee handbooks by making them digital. Today, I want to talk to you about the power of modernizing your employee handbooks for consistent implementation in accountability.

There are other benefits to modernizing your childcare handbooks’ policies and procedures. For one thing, going electronic means you always know that the most recent version of your handbook is being implemented across the board.

How Current Is Your Handbook?

Have you ever experienced where some of your team members are still operating off policies and procedures from five years ago, three years ago, or even 90 days ago? As policies, laws, and procedures change frequently in the childcare industry, you want to ensure that your most recent version of your policy and procedure handbook is being implemented across the board and updated as necessary. Another benefit is the ability to easily quiz employees on their understanding of what they just read.

Allow Your Employees To Get A Full Understanding

In our series, my role is to encourage you to place your staff handbooks in a digital format online. One of the biggest benefits of being placed online is knowing how to place your handbooks online and that you can also provide a quiz for your employees to get a full understanding of what they’ve read. It’s one thing for someone to casually scan through your policy and sign your handbook acknowledgment form and not know it, and it’s a whole different story for them to affirm on the record that they’ve truly absorbed that information and take a quiz to test their knowledge.

I believe that your employee handbook is an essential part of your management of people, places and things in your childcare organization. However, if you choose not to upgrade your employee handbooks and go digital in this 2020 age, your business will be left behind and your cycle of employees coming in and out, never really mastering your systems, will continue to go on until you decide to break the cycle, upgrade your employee handbooks and tap into the benefits of placing your handbooks in a digital market.

Want To Hear My Must Knows?

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