Moving Into Your Bigger Location Beyond Your Money Issues

Are you a childcare business owner and you’re ready to grow and expand your business or even consolidate smaller locations all in one, but you keep running into a money issue? If this sounds like you, I want you to continue reading because today’s blog post is going to help you come to terms with how growth really happens in the childcare industry. I’ve traveled the world coaching childcare business owners. Recently, I’ve encountered many opportunities that childcare business owners have been overlooking due to the fact that there’s a big tag price or big price tag when it comes to simplifying your life and growing your business all at the same time.

Today I want to talk to you about a few things that will help you make this major shift in growing your business by consolidating or by opening up locations that make sense. One of the money issues that we face as childcare business owners is that we have prices set up in our mind of what we’re willing to spend and how far we’re willing to go. I remember working with Dr. [01:24]. She told me that everything that I want is on the other side of what I’m not willing to do. I want us to focus on that one key principle. What is it that you’re not willing to do to cause your dreams to come to pass?

Money Can Scare Us If We Allow It To Be An Issue In Our Mind.

I know all too well of what I’m talking about because I know that you are experiencing a desire to consolidate all of your childcare smaller programs into one large one. Every time you go to look for a location that can hold the number of children you need it to hold and have room for growth, you get scared because they tell you the price, and the price is almost twice what you’re used to paying. Then you may be a childcare business owner where you have a good-sized location, but you’re ready to double in your capacity, and the only way you can double is if you have a larger building. I know exactly where you are because money can scare us if we allow it to be an issue in our mind.

My all-new masterclass, Design Your Life Around A Childcare Business You Love, deals with money issues. Do you know that you can find the perfect building where everything is available for you? But because you have a money issue in your mind where you’ve already thought to yourself, this is as far as you’re willing to pay or as far as willing to go, that you close your mind and you close your heart off from the building that can really be an awesome blessing to you. Because you have money issues and blockages in your mind, you no longer try to figure out how you can make this happen.

Don’t Be Afraid To Step Into Your Destiny

One of the reasons why you have money issues could be how you manage money itself. There are a few secrets that I’ve learned from coaches that I’ve applied to my life to help me shift. One thing that has helped me shift is experience. Experience has taught me that some of my best opportunities were left on the table because I was afraid of what it cost to be the boss. I was afraid of paying for a building that was $2,750. I was afraid and because I was, I walked away from that building instead of stepping into my destiny. Now I have to have two buildings to meet the size of that one, which causes me to have double property taxes and my mortgage is now higher than that amount.

Plus, looking back in hindsight, I would have had that building paid off well in advance by now. See my money issue? I had an issue with paying for what I really wanted. I had an issue with paying beyond the norm. Because I had an issue with investing in my business to take me to the next level, I stayed stuck. As a matter of fact, I experienced such a huge downward spiral. that we ended up selling the building and the business within it. Boy oh boy, what a tragedy when that happened in my life. I had to start all the way over again in a 700 square foot house that could carry no more than 12 children. Can you believe the humiliation or the thoughts that came through my mind?

Go For It Now and Figure It Out Later

I had thoughts like, why, Andrea? You were the biggest childcare business in town. Now you’re all the way down to a house that’s the size of one of the classrooms. I had to keep building myself up. This experience taught me, whenever the opportunity presents itself and it’s something that you want, you must go for it. You must figure it out later. You go for it now and you figure it out later.

Number Two:

That leads you to receive your bigger vision for your life and business. Had I received my bigger vision for my life or had a why in place, or known what I truly, really, desired, I don’t know if I would have walked away so easily. I probably would have thought about it more and said, hmm, is this moving me in a direction that I really want to go in? Whenever an opportunity presents itself and it’s moving you in a direction you can grow and succeed in, I want you to go for it.

Number Three:

Be willing to think of ways how you can make it happen and not ways of why it cannot happen. When you have money issues, it causes your fists to ball tight. When your fist balls tight, nothing comes in and nothing goes out. You’ve got to open up your hand and be a giver. Give to your vision. Give to the people that support your vision.

Ask yourself, how can I make this happen? You can join me in my master class and get information like this that will change your very life. I have a few spaces available, and one has your name on it. You deserve to be able to have a new skill that will help you become a high performer and accomplish so much more in your business. Join our program, and you will see how reading and action go hand in hand together to help you shift to your next level. I won’t be surprised if by the end of this six-week course with me, that you would have found your new location. You will have settled on the fact that this is something you can do, and it’s for you to do. All right, I look forward to seeing you in the class.