Online Training On Handbooks

Hey you guys, this is your coach, Andrea Dickerson, and welcome to today’s blog. We are still in a series of reasons why your employee handbook should be digital. In today’s blog, I want to talk to you about how digital handbooks are the foundation of creative online training. I believe that your employee handbook and your policies and procedures should be combined together to create the ultimate manual. Your manual is to describe, in detail, how your business is to run and operate. It’s typically called the operational procedures. Sometimes I even call them SOPs – systematic operational procedures.

Empower Your Employee To Understand Your Expectations

When you have your handbook organized with a table of contents and numbered pages, it could be easily accessible by employees. Therefore, you can create an online training of your handbook to empower employees to understand thoroughly your policies and procedures, your thoughts, and your vision for what you want to see happen and accomplished in your business. In the year that we are in, handbooks are essential for new employees during the onboarding process. When you have your handbook available online, you provide employees with all reasons as to why they can be accountable for their own actions and to meet your new hire requirements.

Quizzes Hold Your Employees Accountable

Another tool that I love about online training is that you can easily quiz employees on their knowledge that they have reviewed. Plus, if you are using the proper online training platform, your quizzes can be utilized during your performance review. You can also utilize your handbook as a training method when it’s online by sending employees to particular table of contents pages and sections of your handbook by using this as a redirection tool. I know that it has worked for me and it has caused my organization to have an accountability measurement for my team.

I know that finding the right platform and understanding how to utilize your staff handbook as an online training platform can be pretty frustrating, especially if you don’t know. So I want to invite you to join me in my 8-week coaching program, where I provide you with the tools and the infrastructure to creating systems in your childcare business that will lead you to operate more successfully. Get my 8-week program now by going to www.andreasjumpstartstrategy.com.