Organizing A Productive Childcare Work Week Using Clarity Sheets

Do you ever find yourself walking into your office and you’re without a plan for your day?

Do you find you’re most productive when you’re working hands-on in every department?

Are you working with menial task that takes up time out of your day?

Are you falling into the trap of having an unproductive business week? If you ever left your childcare business, and you’ve felt as if you could’ve accomplished more, you could’ve done more, and you could’ve been more productive, then I believe that today’s blog post is going to help you understand the Clarity Sheet section that we use in the Jumpstart Your Childcare Business Booster Planner. 

In today’s blog, I want to give you about five of my tips that I use to help me have an organized, comprehensive business work week.

Andrea’s At Her Office and Ready To Be Productive Using The Jumpstart Daily Business Booster Planner

I know what it’s like to go into your childcare business every day and get hit with tasks that were not a part of your daily plan. Most of the time, tasks that are not a part of your daily plan consist of staff call-outs and staffing availability.

Now, let’s think. What would happen once we have secured our staff? What would happen with our day?

Would we truly begin to work on tasks that will cause us to be more productive and accomplish more in our business week?

How Can Clarity Sheets Help:

Step One:  Organize your week before it begins. I believe wholeheartedly that, when you’re scattered in the tasks that you want to complete for the week, your results will be just as scattered. To do more in your business and to accomplish more in your business, you must properly prepare yourself. Now, this is a skill that won’t happen overnight, but with consistent, constant reasons why you should do it, and you believing that it’s important for you to do, you will begin to see the importance of organizing your week before it begins.

To help me organize my week, I use the Jumpstart Business Booster as a way to brain-dump thoughts that have just come in and out of my mind throughout the week. I write down those menial tasks that are flowing throughout my mind, and then I take time and organize them in such a way that makes my thoughts easier to accomplish them . The task should then be organized according to the section of business that it belongs to.

And then put them on a timeline for when I need to have them accomplished. This moves me to the next thought.

Step Two:  Another key point to having a productive work week is to timeline your thoughts. I guess you may have thought I meant to say tasks. No, not exactly. I used the word thoughts purposely. Your thoughts are what leads you to take actions, and your actions are the things that lead to your results. If you can think it, you can achieve it.

I believe that, if you take time to timeline the thoughts that you have in your mind of what you want to accomplish in your business or what needs to be done, and who needs to assist you in completing these tasks, it will cause you to have better clarity and to accomplish more. When you take a moment and timeline your thoughts, you then find yourself comfortable with moving forward with accomplishing your tasks and how to say no to tasks that have nothing to do with what you have set to accomplish for that business week.

I use the Clarity Sheets section that is included in the Jumpstart Your Childcare Daily Business Booster. This section takes me through the process of time-lining my thoughts in order of importance and time-lining my business week in order of importance.

Business Booster Clarity Sheets

Step Three: Change your work week approach. As a business owner, maybe you work within your business, or maybe you have staff that work for you, and you haven’t gotten into the rhythm of your business work week approach. I believe that, when you look at how your approach your week, if it’s opening up the door for you to be productive, or if it’s causing you to be lackadaisical about your success, then so your results will be. This is why it’s so important for you to plan your week in advance by listening to your thoughts, listening to what you need to accomplish.

Why should you listen to your thoughts so that you can change your approach to your work week?

It’s because when you change your approach, you now understand that business is just as much spiritual as it is natural. You must listen to your inner man speaking to you about what to accomplish in your business. When you learn to listen to the inner man speak to you, it causes you to accomplish more in less time and to feel complete at the end of the day.

Step Four: Tap into your productivity. There are certain tasks that are urgent, important, and not as urgent, but if you never tap into what tasks will cause you to be more productive, then you’ll keep going around in the circle. Circle after circle after circle. As a childcare boss and childcare entrepreneur, there are certain tasks that are deemed important and require your attention. You, as the CEO, will need to center yourself and listen to your thoughts, so that you can tap into a greater productivity. This productivity will cause you to say yes to the internal processes that your mind and your heart would lead you toward accomplishing in your childcare business. This is how you achieve greater productivity.

Step Five:  Next, upgrade your focus. When you take time at least one day a week to work on each section of the Business Booster, it causes you to upgrade your focus. It causes you to focus in on what areas of your business you want to achieve more within. My daily success comes when I’m able to take my Business Booster everywhere I go. A habit has been developed and formed to open up my Business Booster and to read what it is that I’ve set as a plan for my life and for my childcare business. By taking this approach and organizing a comprehensive business work week, I find myself accomplishing more in less time. I find myself accomplishing more than what others have done who have worked twice as many hours as me. This is a great way to start your week with success in mind when you learn how to organize your thoughts by putting them on a timeline and creating a comprehensive business work week.

I believe that the Jumpstart Your Childcare Daily Business Booster has sections within it that will cause you to take leaps and bounds and change the way you believe in the experiences that you have and the results that are coming forward in your business when you take time to go through this Mindset section. Give your business a mindset boost by feeding your mind, feeding your heart proper daily habits that lead toward success.