Overworking your director

Today’s blog is about childcare business owners who have missing systems and you’re frustrated, your director is overwhelmed, and overworked, and quite frankly, it’s impacting your enrollment. Now, if this sounds like something you’d like to find out more about, be sure to read this blog.

Let me give you a little story. Maybe you were like me when I began to grow and scale my organization. My first step to scale my organization was to remove myself from directing the program to hiring a director. But when I made that shift, my mindset didn’t change. I have my director calling clients for collections, enrolling clients when they come through the door, pushing things on my Facebook page for marketing, I had my director working with the staff, meeting with the staff and I had my director going into classrooms, inspecting the classrooms and inspecting the playground. I mean, I had my director doing so many things that I turned my director into what 

caused me to be hampered in my business she was running around, for lack of a better term. Like a chicken with her head cut off, which in turn, there were several tasks that weren’t completed. Things will not get done at the end of the day. She was overwhelmed and stressed out. But thank God she was faithful. She will still show up the next day, but it didn’t dawn on me that the very thing I was trying to free myself from I was giving her the same track to be on. Where she was frustrated not getting things done.

So as I evolved, and my brand began to evolve, I started creating KPIs or key performance indicators. And when I started doing these KPIs, they helped me to realize that I was missing some systems. So today if you’re able to relate to my story, I’m sure these solutions are gonna help you as well. 

  1. When you find that your director is being given a lot of tasks from different departments, such as staffing or marketing, or collections or bus runs, when you find yourself giving your director various tasks that may be scattered throughout your organization. That’s a sign that you’re missing some key pieces in your business. 
  2. When you find that you’re not reaching your license capacity and your enrollment, and you’re having some challenges with reaching full enrollment, you’re having some challenges with keeping children enrolled. That’s a sign that there’s some missing systems. 
  3. If you’re frustrated, overwhelmed, and you know that your business is not growing as it once did when you were operating your facility. Then that’s a sign that you are missing systems. 

So one of the first key points that I like to begin is to create what I call an assessment. You can assess through your key performance indicators, where you are in your company and what’s missing to help you get to where you want to be. 

Now, you can skip the KPI process and allow me to help you. You can click this link to take our quiz and it’s going to help you identify where you are so that you can know what stage you are at. And it is going to tell you what’s next, what steps you need to take next to really grow and take your business to the next level. 

Now, let me give you some tips to make sure that you can take value from today’s blog. 

The first step I want you to do is definitely take the quiz and let’s have an audit call together so that I can help you understand where you are and where you need to be. 

Second, I want you to really think about your key performance indicators. 

  • What are you using to gauge your success? 
  • Are you using any tools, any metrics, any history, any proven management solutions that you can follow as a path to ensure that you’re staying on track? 

Third, ask yourself this:

  • What’s your network?
  • Are you a part of any network where you’re around other bosses, discussing strategies that cause them to win? 

Well, these days are critical to your success, and determining what’s missing is the next step. So go now take the quiz and let’s determine what’s your missing system so that we can help you overcome putting in place and move on to your next step. 

I hope I said something today that will help you grow and will help you take your business to the next level.