Parent Orientation Systems For 2023

For today’s proven management solution I wanna talk to childcare business owners about putting the proper systems for parent orientation in place. If you are interested in finding out more about what those systems are, make sure to continue reading this blog.


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Now let’s talk about the systems that you need to have in place when it comes to parent orientation.

I remember when I first started in childcare, I didn’t have a parent orientation system. I have the document, handbook, and checklist. I would just hand it over to parents inside of their enrollment packet and ask for them to have it back and make sure that it was signed, put it in the child file and that’s done. 

But then I had to learn quickly that was not done. One thing that taught me quickly that was not an effective way of doing my parent orientation was the confusion, parents dropping out of the program before giving two weeks notice, lack of materials that the children would need upon the arrival and departure. 

You all know that without having the proper parent orientation system it was like anything that happened bad in my program and I had the wrong parent that didn’t go through the parent orientation, they put it on Facebook. I mean it was just awful. So now that I know better, I know how to do better and I’m going to teach you some of those things that I did behind the scenes. 

You know that it’s easy to just hand them a sheet of paper, hand them the handbook and ask them a signing date that they read it. But how many of you all know that the parents are not reading that information that comes along for us to say we did the orientation. 

So once I figured out that this system is not helping me at all, although things are moving quickly in my business there must be another way. 

So that’s when I hired a virtual assistant and I asked her to create videos based on my handbook and then I started teaching childcare business owners how to create the videos as well. They would take images, do B-roll, and do a voice over on their videos. Then I started noticing that this works. 

It allows the parents to listen and to get a quick snapshot of a process or system while they’re on the go and I was like this is perfect! And then I started putting that information on my website so you didn’t have to enroll with me, you just had that information on my website that you saw in the video. You understood our culture for one and our expectations so that helped me to improve the outcome of my clients being a part of my program. 

This is gonna help you too because many of you as childcare business owners that you share amongst yourselves how so you’re disappointed with parent participation, meetings, conferences and parents who don’t show up, and you can’t get them to show up. 

Well, I figured out that the reason why I had that issue was because I never established the right parent orientation systems. 

So when you do these are the values of having the right parent orientation system and going through the process.

This means once I sat down with my parents and I went through our culture, their child’s first day, what to expect, how to handle concerns, how we have our yearly calendar, where things are in the program, who are the people in the program, and how we manage our program. 

Once I went through those types of topics with my parents through a parent group parent video that made it so much easier for parents to value what it was that we offered in my program. Because now I’m talking to the parents, I’m using language that they can comprehend, and understand, and when they sign I’m asking them if they have any questions. If not, I would ask them to  click below or sign. So now that I’m taking them step by step I’m creating company culture. 

So let me tell you how the rest of this flow, once they go through the process of getting this information online they’re getting it through the palm of their hand through our parent group. 

We have our parent group, and now I have an amazing business tool called Streamline which now all they have to do is become a part of my business tool and it’s going to be sent out notification saying, “Hey, take a look at this video part 1, 2, 3 etc.” 

Then my Streamline business tool will notify me that the parents were engaged with that video or email etc. So it’s having those understandings of what goes along in parent orientation that improved my lifetime value of my customer. 

Now I’m attracting more parents who want to have parent meetings, come to parent conferences, to be engaged in curriculum, and engaged with the homework policy because these things are now being talked about at the beginning of the orientation during the tourmatter of fact before orientation during the tour we’re talking about our homework policy we’re showing them where items go so now my tour is not just, “ Ooh ooh”. It’s really like parent orientation. This is what we expect of our parents and this is how we help our students to succeed.

So before they enroll they automatically have this idea of what this childcare program is about and what makes us different. So now that’s improving my parent culture. Now they know that this is a part of their responsibilities for being enrolled in our program parent meetings, children uniforms, our children performance nights, graduation etc.

So I go through what is important for them to know in my handbook. I show them how things go in my classroom, and in the cubbies.

So now it’s like my tour is not just a time for you to just see all of the great things about us. It’s the great things about us that make us great that we talk about during our parent orientation. 

Now, let me explain to you why this is important. I built my business off of word of mouth initially, and that was because I worked with parents who had the understanding of the value that we offered as a childcare program, and they began to tell others about the value so their network caused it to be easy for me to build my business because I had the right parents and I set the right tone.

I followed through with my own systems which then told my parents like, “Oh she for real about this business, Miss Dickerson, not playing.” And I wasn’t playing. Playtime was over.
It was about the business and about what I wanted for those children and so then just began to grow because now that’s made me different. That was my distinctive characteristic about my program where my systems and what I said we would do.

We did and so then that improved my parent network. Not only that but having a tool in my hand to give to parents which was my referral program was a win-win program and one thing that we all know is that people will praise your business and refer others to your business when you have the right culture.

So my parent meetings and graduations, etc. were full of capacity whenever I hosted that parent meeting or event.

Let me give you a secret and I’m in this video because it’s going on too long but one of the things that I would do with my parents is let them know that my parent meetings were non-negotiable either they attended or they sent someone on their behalf to attend so you should seen grandmama, aunties, and moms coming in and that was fun.

But they respected the fact that our parent meetings and conferences were all mandatory and that really built my company culture and that’s what set me apart because word out on the street was that is not a daycare, that’s a school.

That’s why I believe that you should go ahead and create your parent orientation processes online or you should use something like Thinkific, Teachable where this information can be distributed to parents very quickly. Like we’re living in a damn time where everything happens so fast paced. So it’s non-negotiable, it’s something that you get to get done and it’s done now.