Proper Classroom Structure For Teachers To Follow Systems

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about implementing the proper classroom structure, so your teachers can follow your system. 

But I have a challenge for you first, the first thing I want you to do is just to take a look at Google. And let me know what definition you find that applies to your childcare business from typing in the word classroom structure.

See, right now there’s no definition that will define what classroom structure is for those of you who own and operate a childcare business. And so because of that, and as someone who is able to create systems and understands it, I have a definition I’m going to share with you, We utilize this definition in the School Of Systems.

The classroom structure derives from the components that you, the CEO, have in place that your teachers are to learn and follow so that they can have a routine. 

And when they do, the children are going to learn and follow the same routine. So I’m going to talk to you today about the components that you must have in place so that you have the right structure. 

Right now there’s a statistic that says 85% of teachers who work in this industry are resigning or quitting due to the fact that the job is unsustainable. And that means that many of you are receiving resignation letters for no calls, no shows, due to the way your business is organized. I’ll tell you more about my story on how that really happened to me in another blog.

#1 The reason why teachers are leaving is because your classroom structure does not sustain the job role and descriptions that you require of them.

  1. Maybe you’re asking your teachers to read the binder. 
  2. Maybe you’re asking your teachers to do a checklist. 
  3. Maybe you’re asking your teachers to follow a few systems

But the classroom structure that you have in place, doesn’t support that. Let’s figure out what you need so that you can improve and then have your teachers follow your systems.

Let’s take a sneak peek behind what you’ll learn on the VIP day with me. First, I’m going to teach you the office system for admin and for directors and also how to create your own hiring station. If you are interested in finding out more about the systems that I’m going to talk to you about. Be sure to contact my office by dialing 1-888-265-7774 ext. 1 and someone from our team will walk you through the process of becoming a part of our School of Systems. 

Meanwhile, here are the components that I want you to have when it comes to your classroom structure. 

The first component is proper classroom setup. I teach my students in the School Of Systems to follow a model. This model is to be implemented in all of your classrooms, so that model will provide a structure that leaves your teachers in a routine.

Second, I want you to have some type of numbering and coloring system. Numbering systems are essential when it comes to personal item management. I know that when I first got started losing jackets, hats, sippy cups, and all of the personal item tangibles I’ve gone through. So the number system was important to me. Not only that, but the number system also allowed my teachers to know the students and their belongings and where to return them more about that in another blog. 

I hope that you’re also thinking about using the coloring system. The coloring system is not just for the classroom, but it’s for the overall management of your organization.

I teach my students in the School of Systems that you pre-create a list of what the color bins will be for your centers. So for instance, if you have a dramatic play area, and you use bins and cubbies in that space, then your bins for that space would be a color that you designate. Let’s just say we designate the color red. So that means in every single classroom that has a dramatic play area, my bins are red. So now I’m teaching my new teachers from the beginning, all the way to the process of onboarding, orientation, and promotion, that these are the color systems that we follow in our classroom. 

The next structure that I want you to implement to make sure you have the proper classroom structure is that I want you to think about your classroom plan. Your classroom plan is essential. I know for me, I didn’t have a plan when I first got started. So because I didn’t have a proper plan, things like boxes of diapers were coming in, boxes of baby food, boxes of Similac for me to dip and bottles inside of the center were coming in. And with those types of incidentals happening, I couldn’t really manage the diapers, I couldn’t really manage the food processing of how we process bottles until I got a classroom plan.

My classroom plan eliminated boxes of diapers coming in. And my action plan also eliminated parents treating my facility as if it was a babysitting service. However, we are a commercial childcare provider. And so therefore, I structured my classroom plan to position me as such. 

If you want to learn more, be sure to join me on the Learn New Systems webinar, where I’m going to introduce you to the Systems that I teach childcare owners and give you an option of joining me in the Jumpstart school systems.