Should You Have A Personal Website?


As I prepare for the Build It Big Conference I’ve experienced an ah-ha moment.

All week I have been talking with my husband about creating a personal website for himself and for him to link everything that he does on the site. Well he listened but really didn’t see my truth. As we all  know, sometimes it’s harder for family to get it than it is for a stranger. LOL!

However, as I was preparing my speech about why you should have a personal brand and website I got distracted with a thought to check my email. As I opened my email I noticed I had a new email from my favorite business source and there it was, an email from entrepreneur.com confirming that I am on top of my game and what I know about business is true!

As I coach  business owners more and more I’m finding that several of you offer more than a  service as a matter of fact, you have several lines of business that creates multiple streams of income (which I highly recommend).

Some of you are speakers, authors, and leaders in your own right of some sort in your community.

And what I have found is that you can do so much and are so very talented until you need help clarifying your brand.

It’s almost as if you don’t know which business card to hand clients or which website to tell them to go on to find you.

As a coach, I am preparing to help up to 40 people gain clarity about their online brand by creating a personal website and promoting themselves as a person and not necessarily as a business but to offer a link to each line of business.

If you have multiple streams of income plus you own a service-based business I think you should attend the conference!

It’s going to bring so much clarity and help set you on a path towards success! For more information click here@https://builditbig-2013.eventbrite.com/

So to answer the question about should you have a personal website? Yes! You Should! To read more about personal branding on entrepreneur.com click here@http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228712?newsletter=true

It’s a great idea to get around business minded people to help you increase in business. You know they say that you are no greater than the five folks you hang around! Come on and join us at the Build It Big Conference@  https://builditbig-2013.eventbrite.com/
Much To Your Success