Staff That Resist Change And Systems

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners who are experiencing staff that is resisting following their childcare systems. 

So if you want to find out how to work with system-resistant staff, continue reading this blog.

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Today I want to talk to you about my childcare success formula to put systems in place. Sometimes we skip this process but this is how I want for you to move forward with creating systems that your staff will follow so that they’re not as resistant. 

Now we all know that we do have some bad apples that destroy it for the whole but this does not mean that you are to apply this scenario where every staff. Some team members are just playing, “Oh, not with the program”. If they’re not with it and not willing to learn, and being passive-aggressive by not doing the job and then looking for you to find somebody else to do it, just let them go. Tell them your coach says so.

Whenever you’re dealing with staff members that are at a place where they’re resisting change because you’ve been doing it so long, and now you figured out how you are ready to scale your business to the next level. 

The first thing I want you to do is conduct a survey.

So you bring individually your team to your office and say, “Hey, you know, I noticed that there’s an easier way for us to accomplish this.”  You have to identify the way they are doing it now versus the easiest way that they can be done, and ask them for their input on it. 

I have a whole map that you will receive when you come to the conference that will teach you how to survey and identify the real problem because you have to identify what the real problem is that is causing a staff member to be resistant to your system. 

You know, sometimes we have team members that are operating and what was in that operating and where we are right now. You’ve grown with multiple locations. You’ve grown by having a coach learning about systems like you are maturing in so many areas, but your team does not know the highest vision that you’ve discovered that you want for your childcare business. 

So step two is to give them your highest vision and communicate that because you’re saying systems are to operate on where you are going, not where you are. 

So this is where most team members start the resistant process because now you’re changing their structure. So I want for you to begin to start with your team training process first rather than your hiring process, onboarding process, or even if it is your orientation process. All three of those areas are what we call your three checkpoints. Make sure that you train your team on those three checkpoints on your highest version of your vision. 

When you are in this phase, you’re empowering your team to see themselves, you’re empowering your team to see that this is the way you’re doing it, and this is the way that the system will help you improve, save time, and it will help you have better days. 

The reason why I’m asking you to talk to your team in such a way with images, documents, videos, and notes is because what’s written is what matters, and what’s visible is what matters. 

You’re giving them an opportunity to see themselves and see the areas that need to be changed. 

So in this phase of doing your layout, this is where you’re working with your team, helping them to see that what you’re doing is to help them improve, have more things done in less time, and enjoy their jobs more. 

And so when you’re in this phase, it’s all about the team members seeing what’s in it for them, giving them the joy of saving themselves time, energy, and resources. 

And during this phase, what I want you to do is organize the layout first. 

So don’t just go into your staff and say, “Oh, we’re doing this, we’re doing that we’re doing this, we’re doing that.” No, layout the way it’s going to be done first. It should include your SOPs, the what, what, when, where, and how. 

So for example, when I started putting systems in place in my business, I created my training program first, laid out for the full year, what would be the points that we would discuss during a particular month. 

So I had January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December, my whole year, planned out so that I could have my checkpoints and the layout that my team will follow. 

And every ten weeks I train my team on new systems concerning the classroom especially. And then every week, I train my admin team on admin work and systems. 

Now it’s time for you to do it, operate, and automate your SOPs. So when it comes to maintenance, you’re in the phase now where you’ve got the heart of your team members in one accord with you, everyone should know the vision at its highest point. 

So your highest point could be where you will be in the next three years or five years- your biggest dream that you have for your organization. 

Now that your team is in one accord with you there is time to maintain the system. So this is when your checkpoints, your management team, your meetings with your team members are centered around improving the operations of those systems and processes that you are expecting from your team that you’ve taught, discussed, given images, SOPs, etc. 

Now that you have all of that in place, it’s about expecting it, and you have to inspect what you expect from your team. So that’s it for today guys, this is my formula. 

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