Professional Staff Appreciation Ideas

Are you a childcare business owner and you are grateful that you have a team of teachers and staff that support your vision and dreams?

Well, great! In today’s blog post, you are going to be super excited that there are a few strategies that I can share with you today to help you continuously support your staff throughout the whole year. 

I owned and operated a childcare business just like you for several years.

During my tenure of working with staff members, I truly enjoyed celebrating those who worked hard with me to accomplish the vision.

#1 I would do pop-up celebrations for no necessary reason other than to say thank you.

Treated My Staff to Andrea's Dream Cream Ice Cream

Treated My Staff to Andrea’s Dream Cream Ice Cream

I would also provide treats and goody bags for our team that will support them in the classroom, and also support them in their own personal endeavors, to empower them to succeed.

Oh, boy, what great days those are, when you can spend $100 and make someone feel so important and bring your team together when times are crucial and critical. I love celebrating those who celebrate. It is such an amazing feeling to teach others around you to celebrate even their small accomplishments and their small contributions into a child’s life. 

I created a full system to help me to ensure that my staff felt appreciated, celebrated and thought about.

One of the tasks that I provided on my task management system was the ability to have a team member over staff care-giving. What does that mean? They’re someone that specializes in birthdays, holidays, deaths, births, celebrations in the life of our teachers and staff. I believe that it’s not just one time of the year that we ought to celebrate or acknowledge, but that this was someone that was on our team that carried out the vision and the heart of our childcare business.

Secondly, we will host events throughout the year. These events will be planned and inputted on our calendar. I believe that what you plan for you will attract. One of the strategies that we did to attract new staff in our business is by taking images and video of the staff of what they enjoyed about coming together to be celebrated. 

Another strategy is that we would utilize table setup and décor.

Whenever the staff walked into the area of the classroom or the meeting space, we would have tables set up. We would have the tables set up with loads of décor, flowers, pencils, pens, papers, candies, just an environment to make them feel special. This will happen throughout our time of meeting with our team for our staff trainings. I would also have a sweet treat table provided for them. The sweet treat table is where they can get chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, cake, cupcakes. Whatever it was that was so cute for baby showers and for birthdays, we would convert it and use it for our staff meetings and appreciation. Sometimes a table setup was about $200, but it was so worth the investment of having my team members feel appreciated. 

Another strategy that we use is we would use our branded apple teacher necklaces, “I love childcare” necklaces and jewelry.

By celebrating my team with jewelry, t-shirts, and books, they were getting our custom ideas in their hands to show them how much they are a part of such a vision that’s bigger than what they could ever have thought or dreamed of. Celebrating my team is something that I enjoy doing. It shows that you’re thinking about the work that they’re putting in and you greatly appreciate what they do for you.