SUPER CHARGE Your Enrollment with Holiday and Event Marketing

Chuckie Cheeses“I want you to check out Chuckie Cheeses. They were open for Veterans Day and they attracted a lot of people. Holiday Marketing at it’s Best!”~Andrea Dickerson

I hope you’re having fun in your childcare business during this holiday season! Currently, my childcare center is buzzing with excitement about our new upcoming events. We have 3 events to look forward to before the end of the year. These events are:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner-(Attracting current family members to view the center and get involved)
  • Parent Meeting-(Time to get the parents to participate in our HUGE gift give away!)
  • Christmas Performance Night-(Our children perform with plays, song, dance, and educational recite for “Free” and this event attracts about 250 people in our community. YEPEEE!)

WOW! Do you see why I am excited? I can see my marketing dollar results immediately! 250 people will attend and now I have “250 People” MARKETING for me.

Advertising  your childcare business with events and during the holiday creates a MEMORABLE BUZZ (word of mouth) that can Super Charge your Enrollment. 


I remember all to well sitting in my family home childcare business with 3 children and my phone was NOT ringing at all.– Oh but one day it HIT ME! My childcare business will only be  successful if people know Who we are, What we do, and Where to find us! So I decided to take action. I started advertising through events. The first event was to host birthday parties  for  children in my family home. I spent less than $25 dollars and I would help the parents host a birthday party right at my family home. And guess what?

It worked. The parents would invite their friends and children to attend and I made my “First Impression” I got their numbers and address and sent out information to them and eventually those parents enrolled in my family home until I was “busting out the seams” with children.


Now just imagine you are hosting an event where your business is the “center of attraction” for 30, 50, 100, 150, or even 200 people. What would that do for your childcare business? Guess what?  You would give those people first hand experience with you and your childcare business and the result is that they would then become your walking “Testimony”!!!!!!!!!!

Social Proofing your business keeps your child care program FULL!

Here are some ideas to event and holiday marketing

  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas Parade
  • Christmas Show
  • Graduation Program
  • Holiday Specials
  • Creating Special Days in your center for family members for example(Cousin’s Day, Auntie’s Day, Grand Parent’s Day) and invite them out to attend and get a small refreshment while visiting with the children

Holiday and Event Marketing takes effort and proper planning. Here are some planning tips!

  • Think Outside of the Box
  • Get a venue
  • Plan Program
  • Create or order Invite Cards, Flyers and Invitations
  • Send a letter to parents who inquired about your childcare services or may be on your waiting list
  • Create Online buzz (face book,website, twitter)
  • Plan refreshments(not necessary but is a good attraction tool)
  • Fundraising
  • Media contacts( press release, pictures, live story coverage)
  • Marketing Material Creation and Coordination
  • Get Volunteers to help you promote the event

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