Systems To The Rescue: Back-To-School Must-Have System

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For today’s proven management solution, I wanna talk to you about an amazing foundation system that will help you duplicate yourself throughout your childcare program so if you’re interested in finding out how to do this for the back-to-school season, continue reading this post.

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Well, alright guys, let’s get into our training for today! Are you ready? Well, I know I am!

I want to talk to you today because I want you to really think about it… 

When you walk into any building, and you open its doors, they always go from left to right. So just imagine, you’re walking through your classroom door, and you open the door, you can find yourself looking to the left and scan all the way to the right.

Okay, so let’s do it again! You go into the door, you look to the left, and you scan the room all the way to the right.

The reason why I wanted you to go through that exercise, it’s because I want you to think about your childcare classrooms. Get them in your mind right now. When you walk through your classroom, are they all set up in the same center-type format? Meaning learning centers.

So for example, when I walk into your rooms, will all of your classrooms have your center setup typically the same going from loud to quiet. Or do you have the reading at the left and the community center to the right, and when I walk into your room, you have the community center to the left and the reading center to the right. You know how it’s opposite?

Does your classrooms kind of flow with no congruency? If they do, then I want you to consider using our School of System Model. 

Our School of System Model encourages everyone to set up your classrooms with congruency.

Let me tell you why…

 First, when you set up your classroom with congruency and you have a new staff that comes on. You can explain to them how your system works, you can explain to them how your classroom works, how it’s set up. 

For instance, if all of your classrooms once you walk through the door, and it went from left to right, and it went from loud to quiet, then you’ll be able to explain to them your center model. 

Your center model would be where your classrooms are set up from loud to quiet, and then run from left to right. And they’ll be able to see it, they’ll be able to walk into your preschool room and see that it’s set up from loud to quiet. 

They’ll be able to see your toddler classroom set up from loud to quiet. They’ll be able to see your two-year-old classroom from loud to quiet. Why? Because now your classrooms are congruent and now your classrooms have a foundation.

Now you can train, now you can instruct, now you can teach and build and you can be different from a lot of people in your community. 

Trust me, there’s no other childcare coach, no other childcare company that’s thinking about making these systems congruent throughout their childcare program. So this is one of the ways that I believe will relieve you of poor classroom management because you lay the foundation for how you want your classrooms to be managed.

Well, I wanna give you a bonus; I hope that tip and strategy will really help you ‌shift. If you wanna see something like that in person then you need to get your virtual ticket because it definitely helps for me to show you, and sometimes I get lost for the words to explain it so I love that we have the School of Sytems now so it’s easier for me to show you.

So here’s your bonus:

I know that I just gave you a lot of things to consider about changing your classrooms around from loud to quiet in each room. 

One focal point that can help you manage this is carpet management. Not all carpets are made equal, so that means that you really have to consider the type of carpet management systems that you wanna implement, and this was a game changer for me so now what I do is use carpets that manage the classrooms with colors, shapes, numbers, etc. 

So I might have a spot where the carpet is red, and I might have a spot that’s green, a spot that’s yellow, and a spot that’s blue. So I can assign my children their spots on the carpet such as blue team, yellow team, red team, green team, etc. And I utilize the same carpet in the pre-k room, the four-year-old room, the toddler room, the two-year-old room, the one-year-old room, I use the same carpet in all the classrooms.

Now, what that does do for me? That gives me the foundation I need to train my teachers. That gives me the foundation I need to help my teachers prepare for managing the room. 

Now, let me give you an “AHA” moment on why these systems work. Right now, childcare is a high-demand industry and has loads of turnover so if I have to move my three-year-old room teacher into my two-year-old room, she doesn’t have to go into the room and try to re-adjust to a whole different format. 

Number one, my first system of loud quiet implemented in the classroom. Number two, my carpet management system is the same. 

So whether she went from the three-year-old room or the two-year-old room, she now still has a foundation that she’s acquainted with and she’s comfortable using, and now all she has to do is go in, learn the children, learn the routine, and boom she got it going.

So that’s my bonus for the day, I want for you to take this information and leave a comment below let me know if it empowers you, let me know if it inspired you, let me know if you want more tips like this.

If there are particular topic or tips that you want to learn about, drop them below. Help us out! So I can deliver you content that will be game changing and help you get your systems in place.

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And as always, remember this if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.