The #1 Key To Being The Best In Childcare

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about what you should do to be number one and to create a vision for your childcare business.

Being number one and staying competitive in your market requires that you must be able to create a vision to do so. 

So many people perish because there is no vision and where there is no vision people cast off restraint. What does that mean for you and your business? You have to have a vision so that the people who are working alongside you, will remain faithful and committed to helping you accomplish the vision.

So here are a few things that I’ve done in my life and in my business to help me when it came time to create a bigger vision for my childcare organization

Years ago, I remember asking my sisters to be a mystery shopper for me. I learned a lot about observing my competitors on how their business was managed versus what my business was doing so that I could be comparable and compete.

Most of us think about taking our business to the next level based on what we see and what’s happening in our thoughts.

 But one surefire way to help you take your business to the next level is to do what we call a competitive analysis.

Every October,  I prepare my clients to conduct a competitive analysis and to mystery shop. 

I asked my sister to go to a few programs that I identified. I gave them a list of things to look for. And also some things to ask. 

They were able to bring back information to me that was a great eye-opener. I compare my business to an organization that was comparable in enrollment and also was operating at a level that I was reaching towards.


With information from my mystery shoppers, the competitive analysis was able to help me formulate a vision. 

How? I got really clear about the things I needed to do in my classroom.

So when parents took a tour, I was comparable to what parents were seeing out in the market. 


  1. My analysis gave me information about what type of materials I needed in my classroom.
  2. How to answer my phone with scripts. 
  3. I knew how to set up and improve my playground and my outdoor area to make my space visible.

This caused me to then take time and create a vision board for my organization. 

I created classroom vision boards, office vision boards and staff vision boards that empowered me to have a vision that I could sit before my team to show them where we are headed.

By doing so I was able to constantly remind my team about the vision, why we’re working aggressively towards accomplishing particular goals, and why my mindset and my team culture were set the way it was. So I want to encourage you to do the same thing in your business. 

As a matter of fact, I have an amazing vision board party that’s strictly around your classroom and your childcare business. I remember when I made vision boards that I had houses and cars and all of those things are great. You need that as well. But when it comes to you running a business as a visionary, you want to have a visionary vision board that your team members can look at.

So I’m going to help you design some fantastic classrooms. That’s based on systems, office organization, and better management. I’m going to help you create a vision for the materials for your teacher training, teacher meetings, teacher motivation, and more. 

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And remember if you manage the childcare business that you love, you will love the childcare business that you manage.