The Number 1 Thing I Do To Reach My Goals

Are you a childcare business owner and you don’t know the basics to achieving your childcare business goals?


In today’s blog, I’m going to give you my secrets that I use to accomplish my goals in my childcare business by using my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster.

In my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, I added a section for your big monthly goals. I added that section so that I could look at my vision board and create monthly goals that will push me into that direction. One of the things that really allows me to accomplish more of my goals and my dreams is by doing step one, and that is writing it down.

  • Step 1 Writing It Down: When you write down your goals and your dreams that you truly want to achieve in your business and your life, statistics have proven that you’re more apt to achieve those type goals than the ones that you just keep clouded in your mind without ever taking time to truly write them down. I believe that if it is for you to have, then you must be bold enough to write it down.


  • Step 2 Creating A Mental Vision: Another process that I use in my goal achievement process is, number two, I create a mental vision using pictures for myself. Creating a mental vision and image to speak to your mind and your goals is important. Your mind understands with images. For me, I create images from magazines, books, words, the internet, websites like Instagram, Facebook. I gather images from those platforms to cause me to see the vision truly happening in my life.

  • Step three, another goal acceleration tool that I use is my quiet-time notes. In my quiet-time notes, I write about them as if they are already done or I write about my goals as far as what I need to do in order to accomplish them. When I write about my goals or I write as if it’s already done, I feel an immediate release. This release causes me to know and feel it, and touch it, and decree and declare that it’s already done.

Here’s a practical process to achieving my goals that I do as well. Within my Jumpstart Daily Business Booster, there is my Weekly Breakdown section. My weekly breakdown section encourages me to write my goals weekly and to complete the “Accomplish This By:” date. By doing this, it keeps me aware as to what goals I need to accomplish and in what time frame.

The final step that I do – and then I start all the way back over again – is I pray about my goals and I pray about my vision that I want to see happen in my life. Have you ever thought about praying about your business, your goals, and your dreams? If so, as a way for you to connect with us, join us on my daily prayer line, that happens Monday through Friday, and jump start your prayer journey with us at 5:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. The call line is 1-712-770-4160 code 246605

I truly believe that these are some basic steps that everyone, no matter what business they’re in, use in order to accomplish their heart’s desire and goals. Leave your comment below and let me know what steps you are already doing in your life and business.

If you would like to get this invaluable childcare business owner tool to shift you from thinking about it, to planning it, and use it as a system, go now to www.thejumpstartbusinessbooster.com.