The #1 Way To Freedom In Childcare

Are you ready to obtain freedom from hustling every single day in your childcare business? 

Now the word hustle does not mean like it’s a bad term. Many of us are hustlers. We get up every morning and we go through the hustle and bustle of owning and operating a childcare business. And in today’s blog post, I want to talk to you about how to be free from a lot of the hustle and bustle that you have to do in your business. 

In order to be free, I want you to understand that most childcare owners see childcare as a source to meet needs in their community, and therefore it becomes a job and when you have a job, it doesn’t require a vision and without a vision, caring for 0 to 100 students will feel as if you’ve arrived but childcare is bigger than where you are.

Childcare is a billion dollar industry, and we won’t obtain the billions or we won’t go further than 100 students unless we have a bigger vision

#1 To gain freedom from hustle will require proper organization and proper systems. 

  • It’s not okay for you to know that your business needs a bigger vision and not pursue it.
  • It’s not okay to know that your business needs better systems and not pursue it. 
  • It’s not okay to continue to settle for less than your full potential. You have the possibility within you to do more.

How Can You Accomplish More?

My client, Sonya, grabbed a bigger vision for her childcare program in less than two years of working with our organization. Sonya has owned and operated her childcare business for close to 20 years. She’s been at that same one location, day in and day out. By going into that same location day in and day out, she experienced the ‘same old same old’. She then joined our coaching program about learning systems to own and operate a childcare business with growth systems that will lend you more freedom. 

If Systems Worked For Sonya, Systems Can Work For You! Here’s What You Should Know : 

Sonya is a traveler, she loves networking with individuals, and loves being a part of a community. So with that being said she’s always had a level of freedom. But she wasn’t growing as large as she could. By learning the systems and becoming a part of the Jumpstart School of Systems  and also have ongoing training like our all-new Super Saturday training where I’m teaching online systems and automation. She’s  attended programs like this and began to grow in less than two years time. Sonya has grown from one location to opening up her third location.

Having one of her locations as a work-based site for teens and being a part of several initiatives to change the landscape of how childcare is done in the African American community. I can say that Sonya has enough on her plate to keep her very busy. But with all of that being said, she still continued to work towards a vision of expansion. Can you imagine what life was going to be like for Sonya? She went on to create online systems for her staff, and her parents as well as training new hires. 

I’m so excited that Sonya has stretched her vision to include improving her website and improving her social media presence. By doing these things, she’s attracting more students and staff into our program. 

Well, wouldn’t we all like to experience this type of success? For all of you childcare owners who want to learn what is required for you to have true freedom. …

I want you to join me at this upcoming training called Super Saturday Training where I can give you the systems that operate your business and how these can be automated and or online systems to help you save more time/ money and energy without further ado to join us by clicking here.