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For today’s proven management solutions, I want to talk to you about the enrollment funnel, and how we should be marketing our childcare business. So I have opened up one of our documents inside of the School Of Systems, and there’s a whole training on building enrollment. I just wanted to open up this one so that I can walk you through this process. 

First, marketing your business success will depend on you learning the enrollment-building process. So the enrollment-building process means you have to take time out and plan out live events, your marketing materials, partnerships and online marketing.

 Let’s talk about that. 

What are some live events that you can do right now? 

There are head start programs, early head start programs, schools, churches, or you can host your own event.

Well, you want to plan for at least one big event throughout the year and a smaller one. These Events are critical to your success. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly what I’ve done to build my enrollment in my business. I will host parent meetings, community meetings, and football meetings where we were able to sponsor a football team, and my business name was in the children’s jersey – those types of live events were where parents will gather and I can hand out my business information. 

The next one is your marketing materials like flyers, your pulse cards, any printed material, even direct mail, door holders, and door flyers. 

All of that is included in your promotional items and I want you to start using that right away in your business. Now when you use promotional items, of course, there’s a strategy behind it. The most important strategy behind using any printed material is to be able to track it, so you put some type of number or some type of identifying information to track that this person found out about you through that marketing material. 

Next is a partnership. Partnerships are so important now that you do not negate building partnerships. Partnerships are the key to word of mouth, especially proper word of mouth. And so whenever you’re building a partnership, think about what we see nowadays like you might see Beyonce and Adidas or Kanye West and Adidas. The reason why you see the X in between their names is because it’s a partnership. So they’re crossing over their brands that serve one another. And so now you want to think about who you can partner with and where you can serve each other’s community. They’ll tell their community about you, and you will tell your community about them. 

Think outside the box, there are local opportunities, statewide opportunities, countrywide opportunities, it’s just all about you sitting down to create the list and thinking about how you can partner. 

Next is online marketing. So we all know right now is big when it comes to online marketing, It’s a tool and resource that you should not overlook. You want to make sure that you have the right components for online marketing to ensure that people are getting information about you and so all marketing is on your timeline. This is why we have a timeline for Thursday as a part of our weekly marketing. You want to make sure that you have marketing going out on your feed, whether it’s Twitter or whatever platform you are on. There should be times when you plan out your marketing in advance and that you’re speaking to your ideal target audience. And you include calls to actions.

So once those activities are being used in your business, and it’s not a one-time opportunity, these should be working simultaneously. Then once your marketing works, your marketing then fills up your funnel will increase. So if your marketing is not helping you increase your leads, then you want to go back and check your marketing because something is not pulling in the people that you want.

Next, If the marketing does pull into the people, you got to be able to capture follow up. The reason why you have to capture follow-up is because your success is in the follow-up. 

Whenever you go to any of my pages. I’m asking for your name, email address and your phone number because I want to be able to follow up with you because you are now an inquiry. 

And the next one is a prospect follow-up system. So for us, we provide our students with the prospect follow-up system, whether it is the scripts to the follow-up process, the dates when they should have followed up the postcards that are included in the follow-up systems and a call to actions. 

I know how important it is to have those systems in place in your business. Because this is what I’ve done to build my enrollment in my childcare program. Whether it was with parents or me looking for staff, this process is viable regardless of what person you’re looking for. It could be children or staff. Marketing is the key. 

Once you go through your successful follow-up process, you follow up until they become a successful enrollment. If they become successful enrollees, you still implement post enrollment follow-up systems. 

So what does that mean in the School Of Systems? We follow up with our clients. We have monthly meetings, goal calls, accountability measurements, masterclasses and one-on-one. 

If I have a student I haven’t heard from in a while, I’ll inbox that person and follow up. This process is essential for you to build enrollment. I hope by now I said something that motivated and inspired you and helped push you to the next level. 

So now you have it!

You have seen the behind-the-scenes systems that I use to help me improve my staff retention, and operate my business on a whole new level. 

There was no one in my community that had multiple locations. So I had to get it from the mud, if you know what I mean. 

So if you are interested in learning new systems to take your business to the next level, join my free webinar today.