Track and Access Employee Handbooks

Hey, you guys, this is your coach, Andrea Dickerson. Welcome to today’s blog. I want to talk to childcare business owners who are looking for a way to educate their employees on their policies and procedures by giving them access to their handbook in a digital format. I believe that in today’s blog you’re going to discover the number one reason why employee handbooks must be digital in 2020.

Move Forward In 2020!

I want to talk to you about one of the main objectives that I teach my clients when creating their systems. I teach my clients to have their handbooks updated and available online in a format on a platform that will verify whether or not an employee accesses the particular areas of their handbook and how to know which area was accessed. If you are currently using a paper handbook, I want to encourage you to move forward into the 2020 digital age by placing your handbook online. I’m going to give you a few of my behind-the-scene secrets to ensuring that your handbook is placed online in a way that is thorough and that can give you information as to whether or not an employee accessed a particular area of the handbook.


Number one

Always create your employee handbook with your table of contents. Your table of contents is what will empower your employees to know which page or section to read in the event that they are given your handbook.

Number two

Upload your employee handbook based on the table of contents and the chapter or page of the table of contents. I’ll give you a prime example. One of the most game-changing strategies that I’ve used in my business is to place the page number in my handbook and have my handbook table of contents and page number coincide with each other. That allowed me to upload particular pieces of my handbook and to create it as a separate part of my handbook with its own title.

Whenever I need for my team members to review our vision and mission, the vision and mission were on the same page and it was identified in the table of contents. It was easily accessible in a digital format online for my team.

Once my staff member was given the instruction to review the vision and mission of my company, my digital platform empowered me to know that they took this particular training because the return of the area that my employee had access to was sent to me as verification. How much easier will that process make your business if you understood the platform in digital ways of distributing your handbook?

Are You Ready To Be More Effective In 2020?

If you are at a place in your business and you’re looking to become more proficient and utilize 2020 standards for your employee handbook, then I want to invite you to join me in the 8-week coaching program where I give you my behind-the-scenes to managing and operating a childcare business with systems in place. Go now to www.AndreasJumpStartStrategy.com.