Using Banners Inside Your Childcare To Promote Your Childcare Brand


Did you know that marketing your services within your childcare is just as important as marketing your services to others outside of your childcare?

Using banners is a way to teach new clients what to expect from your childcare business.  Not only that but this allows new clients to fully understand your childcare. Using banners is a way to continue your educational marketing approach with clients. Every childcare business owner should develop informational banners to communicate key bits of information that will benefit the client and their childcare business.

I believe that professional banners included in the lobby area or parent area of your childcare allows you to communicate new information that demonstrates a level of professionalism that’s  not always displayed in childcares. Nothing derails a new client relationship then failing to set and meet initials expectations.

Another very practical aspect of using banners in your childcare is that with the right content on your banner it is a conversation starter. Having the right conversations with your parents can lead to referrals and a longterm business relationship between you and your new clients.

Here are a few suggestions for using banners:

1.Your Services

2. How Parents Can Get Involved

3. Your Business Values

4. Your Weekly Expectations

5. Classroom Information

6. Quick Get Started Banner

There’s so many ways you can use banners in your daycare/childcare. Be sure to use professional pictures, and large font for easy read. Keep your banners branded with your company logo to ensure a cohesive message of excellence! A great place to purchase your banner online is with www.VistaPrint.com. That’s who I used for my banner and they are affordable. You can also use a local printing shop or OfficeDepot.com.

Post a picture of your banner in the comment section PLUS Give me your feed back below! Let me know if you enjoyed this post!