Using Video To Grow Your Childcare

For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to childcare business owners about the power of using video in your childcare business. 

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Now let me get to our lesson for today: the power of using video in your childcare business.

Video for childcare business owners is essential, especially in today’s new economy. Now I know when I started my business back in 2009, I started using video, and newsletters and I had this “Aha” moment – I wanted to make money while I sleep. I wanted to enroll children without having them walk through my facility every single day because I was doing a lot in my business and many of you may be multitasking as well where you’re operating the office, the kitchen, etc. 

So my business is fairly new, I was doing a lot and I didn’t have systems in place. But my mind started thinking in that direction. So I remember the very first video that I did was a video of a virtual tour of my facility and back in the day, it was a cam recorder. I took my little disk in there and took a video of my childcare center from each room explaining to parents about my classrooms, and inviting the parents to enroll using my video.

I uploaded the video on my Vistaprint website at that time. And I got hundreds of views, people would call, registering their kids because the tour is already completed online. This is way back in 2009. At that time, I was able to add the link to my newsletters and send the newsletters to my email list so they would find out more about my program.

Because of that, I was able to build a big childcare business. Plus, learn how to get systems done in my program which helped me gain back my time. I was able to spend more time with my family and keep up with the needs of my business.

So I’m going to talk to you more about why having video in your childcare business is so important. Because if I did it, you can too!

1. Using videos can help you speed up your marketing. Right now, people are more into videos than they are into flyers, postcards, etc. Videos have a greater impact because people do business with those who they know, like, and trust. So you don’t have to worry about sitting in front of the camera like me, you can do a video that shows photos, or PowerPoint, or repost a video of someone else’s talking that is something that is relevant to your business. Whatever you decide to do, just remember that a video is a powerful tool for marketing.

2. Using video in your childcare business will help you speed up hiring, onboarding, orientation, and ongoing training. Now many of you would say, “I want more than one location, I want to duplicate, etc.” And the way for you to be able to get it done is through VIDEO. This is how you scale. By scaling your wisdom, knowledge, and your message through video. So imagine hiring someone and taking them through the orientation process through video or imagine having videos prepared to train your teachers on how your program operates so now you’re freeing up more of your time to get more things done. Imagine being able to scale your operations through video, so others would just log on and watch your processes and systems. Sometimes if you have the right systems, you can actually just do it at the palm of your hand because everybody today is watching videos through their mobile device. So now you don’t have to meet someone at a certain location, you can just send them the link for them to watch your training, onboarding, and orientation process. And this is what empowers you to scale. 

3. Use videos for parent orientation. Guys, I don’t how many people I have lost in my enrollment funnel due to having a poor parent orientation. There are several times that I have encountered customer service issues that could have been avoided if I only did the parent orientation. But because I’m running a center, and things are moving so fast. Vouchers coming in, and parents enrolling so fast that stuff got dropped and slipped between the cracks. And with the mindset that I have now, I realized that a parent orientation video is the easiest way to get it done to invite parents to know more about my program. Because videos are short and quick but direct to the point. Now, it’s easier for parents to understand. Plus, by sending the link you can also track who watched the video on certain platforms. 

One of the platforms that we use to help track our video usage is Streamline. Streamline is an amazing tool to help you have online automation that will allow your videos to be used for parent orientation, training, and referrals. If you want to find out more, just click this link.

This is an amazing tool and I highly recommend it.

So there you have it guys, those are three amazing reasons why you should be using videos for your childcare business to get things done.

Right now, I encourage my Jumpstart School of Systems students to start automating their processes by using video.

I want to share with the world how they can smoothen their enrollment, increase their staff retention and create a level of freedom by using videos in their business.

And Remember, If You Manage The Childcare Business That You Love, You Will Love The Childcare Business That You Manage!