Using Your Desktop Planners To Keep You Organized

Hey, there, childcare boss! This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here. Welcome to today’s blog post. I want to talk to you about how to jump start your week and how to use your desktop planner, so that you can focus on your business week at a glance. I believe there are about five simple steps that you should utilize to jump start your week and to take a look at information at a glance. In today’s blog post, I’m going to show you how.

Have you ever sat to your desk and your were scrounging around looking for a paper, looking for something as simple as your paper to take a quick note, to jot something down, to place your reminder, or what have you? Boy, oh, boy, by the time you got back to your task, you were steady looking for a pen, pencil, paper, and nothing really every got accomplished, right? Well, I want to help you solve your need to write while at your desk by you discovering how to use the desktop planner as a way to help you have your week at a glance.

With our desktop planner that we offer in the productivity set, I teach you how to have a week at a glance. If you have not gotten a productivity set, stop now, and click here to join me in this training.

  • Number one, set your business week dates. Your business week dates for your organization will begin when your business week begins. Did you know that all business weeks don’t begin on Monday? Some business weeks begin on Wednesdays. Some business weeks begin on Thursday. Decide what day your business week will begin on, so that you can create a system around the full management of your week.
  • The next step is understand business weekly quadrants. There are about six typical areas that you should focus in on to jump start your week.
    • The first area is miscellaneous items that require you to set a goal: your marketing goals,  office goals,  staffing goals, business goals, and your financial goals.
    • I want you to set goals for each area of those six quadrants, miscellaneous things that’s going on in your program that need your goals, marketing goals for what you want to accomplish in your marketing.
    • When you have a clear direction of what you’re wanting to accomplish in your marketing and etc.., that’s a goal  Having one goal each week will lead to you having a compound effect in your business, where you will go from one to accomplishing everything because each week you set one simple, big goal.
  • The next one is my weekly start and end dates. I want you to set when you want this goal to start and when you want this goal to end.
  • The next step is to take a look at your action steps or your plans that you need to put in place in order to accomplish this one big goal. Essentially, you’re putting your thoughts on your desktop planner to have a week at a glance.
  • While you’re sitting at your desk, if someone calls or you have anything that you want to remind yourself, you’re able to write those things down, freehand, without having to have any rhyme or reason for how to write. As long as you can write down numbers, names, notes, what’s going on around you, weekly reminders, this will help you jump start your week because you will have a platform on your desk, which is your desk planner, to accomplishing more in your business and giving your a week at a glance, so that you can stay on top of it.

One of my top secrets to jump starting my week at a glance is utilizing the productivity set. This set includes the erasable Jumpstart Weekly Planner. I write on this planner, and then when I’m done, I’m able to accomplish my tasks just by glancing at my desk and keeping what’s important in front of me. You will definitely find great results by tapping into this system as well. Go now to get your own planner set by logging onto andreasjumpstartstrategy.com.