Why Did I Start A Daycare?

Today, I was dreaming and envisioning how my next level in the childcare industry would be. In less than 7 years I have found more purpose and enjoyment in the childcare industry that has led to the realization of so many other goals and dreams.

When was the last time you asked yourself-Why Did I Start A Daycare?

I started my daycare to help people. That’s right I started a daycare to help people. And today my purpose still remains… to help people.

Your success for your childcare business depends upon your interest and efforts. Having a purpose for why you started a daycare center will carry you when the going gets tough. And trust me the going gets tough, from time to time. In the childcare business there are days when nothing goes as planned and then there are days when the plan works out.

Having a purpose for why you started a daycare will help you in the following areas:

  1. Enrollment- Build your enrollment around your mission
  2. Staffing- Hire people who are capable of helping you fulfill your mission
  3. Investments- Your ultimate purpose for having a daycare will guide the investments that you make. Be sure to invest your time, money, and efforts in areas where your purpose matters!
  4. Networking Relationships- Who you connect your daycare business with matters. Connect with other businesses and individuals that can help you live out purpose!

Finding your purpose for having a daycare business makes all the difference. I could say more about this subject but you can find out more in my new e-book:

How I Did It, Daycare Success!

How I did It! Daycare Success

How I did It! Daycare Success

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Much to your success,

Andrea Dickerson!

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