Why Use Goals During Your Staff Meetings? 

I remember when I first started out in the childcare industry. I would use my staff meetings as a way to discuss what went wrong during the week hoping that staff would learn from it, turn around, and progress to do what was right. What I did not do that would have led to the results I wanted, was I did not spend enough time teaching what I wanted. Instead, I would speak to the staff about what I did not want. 

Then I realized that my staff meetings were important when it came to our staff performance and goals for our organization. I began to change how I ran my staff meetings and focused more on what I wanted my company to achieve. I instituted more of a training model in my business to accomplish the gap between where my staff was and where I wanted them to be. 

If you are a childcare business owner and you are conducting staff meetings or are delegating your leaders to conduct your staff meetings, be sure to be intentional about your staff meetings by using goals. 

Our featured product in today’s blog post will be our visions, goals, and dreams cards as a way for you to write out what you want to accomplish, how you see yourself accomplishing this, and the end results of celebrating the accomplishment. We are also going to feature the JumpStart Daily Business Booster which has a section completely filled with leadership, goal achievement, and staff organization to help you in the classroom, goal setting, curriculum, and the accountability of your staff meetings with your team.  

I have laid out a full year of staff meeting content titles so that you can build a binder of your meeting agenda and meeting information that you will go over throughout the years of your business. If this sounds like something you are interested in, continue to read today’s blog post because it is going to help you understand why goals are so important during staff meetings. 

#1 Staff Meetings Must Be Intentional  

Your staff meetings are the communication hub that causes results in your business. During your staff meeting, this is your time to be intentional about the time you spend and what the agenda is about. Never go into a staff meeting without a clear objective, goal, and agenda. When you are intentional about planning your meetings and agenda in advance, it causes the program to operate in congruency with one another, it allows your team to understand the flow of expectation of your meetings, and it causes you to be able to walk away with results. 

#2 Staff Meetings Are Meant To Reward Actions You Want To Be Duplicated 

Let me tell you of all the wrong that I have done in my meetings and about how the meetings were conducted in all the wrong ways when I first got started. As I have grown, read books, and desired to improve my leadership skills, I realized that meetings were not to accomplish what I thought they were in the beginning. 

In the beginning, I had this “like my momma” mentality. Wherever I was wrong, my momma called me out and told me I was wrong right on the spot. I took this same mindset in my meetings where I was calling people out, calling people’s names, and making their faults made publicly. I wanted to grow a business, I didn’t know how and hosting meetings that way did not cause me to have any of the right results. 

Later, I learned that meetings are a time where we discuss, uplift, and reward actions that we want to be duplicated in our business. Do you remember when we were taught in early childhood to reward the students who were following the rules and highlighting that student so that the other children would want to do the same? Well, that same philosophy applies during your meetings. Always highlight the good that you want to be duplicated and not just things that are good, but the things that you would want to be duplicated in your organization for others to have an image, picture, or idea of what is possible and what it looks like for them to accomplish it. 

#3 Meetings Are Used to Discuss the Goal of the Day, Week, Or Month and Ties in With the Companies Vision and Staff Performance 

When you begin to set goals for your staff meetings, you will begin to see that your staff performance will tie into that goal. Take a look now at your staff performance by pulling them out and looking at where you are now and what you are asking your staff to perform so that your meetings can help you achieve that desired result from your team. 

Also, as a company owner and visionary, you want to provide enough information, tools, and resources to your team to help you accomplish your overall goal.  

These are the top three strategies that I use when I want to improve my staff meetings. Also, this is one of the main reasons why I created my staff potion of the JumpStart Daily Business Booster so that I can be intentional about my meetings, have training thoughts and ideas written out, a meeting agenda that I could write out and my goals setting sections so that I could help my lead teachers and myself to set goals and achieve them.  

To get more of my behind the scenes of utilizing my goals in my childcare business, be sure to look in my JumpStart Daily Business Booster Planner or join the JumpStart Academy community, the Business School of Childcare. Click here.