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Back To School Pricing Strategy

Have you ever answered the phone, and the first thing someone asked was, “what do you charge?” Have you ever

Creating A Financial Plan For Your Back To School Quarter

Creating A Financial Plan For Your Back To School Quarter It’s so important that as a busy childcare business owner

Back To School Marketing With Client Testimonies

The season for back to school has begun. What are you going to do as a childcare business owner? Have

Back To School Training For Teachers

Are you wondering what the new season of “Back To School” will bring your business, classrooms and enrollment? Do you

How To Organize Your Back To School Marketing

Wow, where has the time gone? Time has just flown by, and now it’s time to prepare for back to

Why Goal Setting Mid Year Is Important

Why is goal setting mid-year so important? Every year around about January, childcare business owners and people of any industry

4 Steps to Accomplishing More of Your Goals During The Mid-Year

Are you on track to accomplishing your plans this year? Staying on track to accomplish your goals and plans this

3 Step Reality Check; look at how far you’ve come.

Are you a childcare business owner that started out planning your success, and then all of a sudden you look

Making The First Step To Expand Your Childcare Business

Making The First Step To Expand Your Childcare Business Maybe you’ve never had to take a leap of faith and

The Power Of Your Words!

The power of your words. I can remember the final days of my faith journey as I was preparing to

Warning Signs Of Poor Office Management

One of the greatest obstacles that prevent a business from producing the greatest amount of profit is the organizational skills

The Easiest Way To Overcome Center Director /Administrator Office Issues

Have you ever hired someone to help you work your front desk systems, and come to find out, that was

6 Key Steps To Developing Your Top Childcare Staff As Top Leaders

Are you ready to take your business to the next level overall? Did you know that in order for you

Andrea Ignites Childcare Orlando, Florida

What a wild time it was to experience a conference completely geared towards marketing and managing a successful childcare business

4 Steps To Staying Ahead Of Summer Decline In Your Childcare Enrollment

I’ve noticed that during the summertime, most enrollments decline due to various reasons; either there are older siblings staying home,

3 Steps To Organizing For Your Summer Enrollment

Did you know the way you organize your childcare program has everything to do with what you have available and

How Following up with your Current Clients Is just as Important As Marketing For New Clients

Following up with you current clients is just as important as with your potential clients. For so long, I’ve been

4 Steps To Providing Quality Customer Service

Are you experiencing so many different complaints from parents each and every day? Was it something a staff member did

Do You Have A Money Problem Or A Budgeting Problem

Do you have a money problem or a budgeting problem? Many childcare business owners express to me that they don’t

3 Steps To Monitoring Your Expense and Income

Are you shocked or surprised by the overwhelming skill set that it requires to own and manage a successful childcare