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  CLICK VIDEO ABOVE TO WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL AS ANDREA TRAINS YOU ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN YOU INSPECT YOUR CLASSROOMS!  Your childcare learning environments speaks for you (The Owner), your brand and it affects your enrollment or the type quality parent that enrolls in your childcare business. So
[caption id="attachment_2275" align="aligncenter" width="630"] Being Hurt Emotionally In Your Childcare Business Can Effect Your Profits[/caption] I know exactly what it's like to own and operate a childcare business that you've fought so hard for and then someone or something comes along and hurts you or your business and now you're
Discovering how to end the struggle of being successful in your childcare business requires focus and clarity of your inner success potential. One of the major hindrances that most childcare business owners face is the challenge of being tastefully unique in their childcare business. With so many childcare programs everywhere
One of the most important strategies that childcare business owners must do is to set a time to prepare their teachers and staff for the new year of business. Teams are developed when they spend time gathering new information from the visionary of the company. [caption id="attachment_2003" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Planning
What a great weekend! And the best is yet to come. This was I Own A Daycare's very first 2-Day Childcare Conference. The conference was amazing! So many game changing strategies was shared during this event that childcare owners said that they left feeling empowered and motivated to succeed! That's
Branding reaches beyond your business name, logo. and marketing materials. Branding is an all around picture of who you are and your childcare culture and services offered. Branding can reach as far as your unique tag lines, company songs, original sayings, business image, systems, business activities, and the culture you
  Hosting the tour in Atlanta, Georgia was a dream come true. My dream has always been to teach as I believe and during the Atlanta Tour I was able to accomplish that. From working with clients about branding, marketing, mindset and management, I was able to teach from my

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