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As I prepare for the Build It Big Conference I’ve experienced an ah-ha moment. All week I have been talking with my husband about creating a personal website for himself and for him to link everything that he does on the site. Well he listened but really didn’t see my
Did you know that you are no greater than your network? Your networks are the people that you glean information from and make connections with. A great network of people will introduce you to others and vice versa. I want you to get a mental picture of five people who
Most independently owned childcare center programs are established by word of mouth. Your customers' experience with your brand is a major factor that determines if your childcare program has any means of being successful and maintaining automatic enrollments. Much of the interest in childcare programs comes from recommendations by satisfied
The first step in creating a better business image is to clarify your niche. Your niche is simply what you can do best or better than your competitors. To help you define your niche, you will need to identify the type of childcare services you enjoy offering your community.  Do
Along with having a written and active marketing strategy, it is very important to stay creative when marketing. One way to make sure that you carry out your marketing plan is to create props that make it easy to take action when the opportunity comes along. Marketing props help you
[caption id="attachment_1056" align="alignleft" width="225"] Andrea Dickerson, Founder of and America's Super Nanny-Deborah Tillman[/caption] Did you know that you are no greater than your network? Your network is the people that you glean from. These are the people that you gather information and connections from. A great network of people
Hi Everyone! WHOA! It’s been 6 weeks since we last talked and I want to first apologize for the delay. See, let me explain, I have been working day and night on opening my second location and preparing for the “Back To School” marketing campaign. As some of you may
Hello To All Family Childcare Home Association Attendees! I am so excited that I had the most amazing opportunity on Saturday morning to help childcare business owners increase their enrollment! The information that we shared with each other was mind expanding and game changing. I offered my Enrollment Building Blueprint

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