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Entrepreneurial Thinking In Your Child Care Business

Entrepreneurs are like problem solvers! You surge the industry with IDEAS that solve problems. As an entrepreneurs you have several

Hosting Live Events To Increase Your Enrollment

“Hosting Live Events In Any Business Will Bring Increase Immediately “ I created a video titled : “Keeping Your Enrollment

Working With Your Spouse Takes Some Getting Use To

D2JUR2l4ZiM Click On Picture To Start Video I  am really excited today about the Husband/Wife Partnership Coaching Program that has

Creating The Ultimate Husband and Wife Partnership In Your Childcare Business

In September 2007, husband and wife Pinakin and Nirali Patel opened their first Kiddie Academy center in Elkridge, Md. Overall, the chain

Have You Considered Creating Partnerships?

The Importance of Creating Partnerships Click Here To Watch Video   Are you using the art of partnering in your

Easy Marketing Ideas For Flyers

Have you created any marketing pieces lately and no one has responded? Maybe it is not the clients…. but that

Using Last Year Projections To Determine This Year’s Success


Using A Memory Jogger To Increase Your Enrollment

(Click  Link For the Memory Jogger Form) Memory Jogger Form Networking to build your enrollment can produce residual income! Several of you

Frustrated About The Success In Your Chilldcare Business? Here’s A Solution

Are You Frustrated, Confused, Emotionally Drained, Broke, Ready to Quit, Stressed, Overwhelmed and Bothered about your childcare business and the

Do You Really Want To Succeed In Your Daycare Business?

Achieving success in any business  takes focus! Focus happens when nothing can deter you! In the business of childcare we

7 Secrets Of A Successful Childcare Business Owner

7 Secrets Of A Successful Childcare Business Owner One Woman, Many Talents Taken From,  How I Did It! Daycare Success

During The Daycare Success Mentoring Circle I’ll Be Sharing With You……       A Get Started Call- We will

The Making Of A Good Director

Who Else Wants To Be Or Hire An Awesome Director Who Has the Ability To Lead and Influence? If You

Getting Organized For Your NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY!

Are you ready for the NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY that is coming your way?  I am a firm believer that “Proper

3 Ways To Enhance Your Preschool Program

Are You Ready To Learn 3 Ways To Enhance Your Preschool Program? I am always traveling from city to city

Daycare Office Organization: Creating a Binder System

Today was so refreshing! I arrived early at my center to meet and greet my parents and to observe how

The Childcare Business Can Be So Exciting!

I’ve been so excited today about my new MINDSET! I believe so much in what I do until I am

Reviewing Your Childcare Contract for 2012

Did you know that childcare providers, owners, and directors must be capable of changing diapers,  typing memos, marketing their childcare

Expecting To Win! With an organized calendar

Are you a busy childcare owner or director who operates a FAST GROWING childcare business? If so, I know you

How I Did It! Daycare Success Movie

Here is a treat for the busy childcare Business owner! Watch This Movie!  Click on the Link or  The Picture