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Do You Know The Most Important Part of Your Marketing Message? The headline is the most important part of your marketing message because it GRABS the reader's attention. Having a good headline will help you find new clients to increase your enrollment. Sounds easy right? Actually, headlines are not quite

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In the mist of operating a busy child care business things can become so mundane and therefore you find yourself in need of inspiration! Inspiration is what you need in order to break through to your next level. To be inspired and go to the next level in your childcare business I suggest that you make
Napoleon Hill, who was the author of the classic book on success, Think and Grow Rich, described a what I call Success Calls as a Mastermind. A mastermind is "a coordination of knowledge and effort" in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a
Entrepreneurs are like problem solvers! You surge the industry with IDEAS that solve problems. As an entrepreneurs you have several qualities that can enable you to start and grow a successful child care business against BIG CORPORATE CENTERS and similar competition. The most two important habits you can develop in
"Hosting Live Events In Any Business Will Bring Increase Immediately " I created a video titled : "Keeping Your Enrollment Building By Hosting Live Events" In this video I talk about how I have used live events to increase my enrollment dramatically and expeditiously! And I did this all while
D2JUR2l4ZiM Click On Picture To Start Video I  am really excited today about the Husband/Wife Partnership Coaching Program that has just hit the market. The response was so heartfelt until I forgot to give an official welcome. I created a video to introduce you to TEAM DAYCARE SUCCESS! In this
The Importance of Creating Partnerships Click Here To Watch Video   Are you using the art of partnering in your childcare business? Do you know that partnering with like minded individuals can boost your income or even create income from out of no where? I created my very first on-line
Have you created any marketing pieces lately and no one has responded? Maybe it is not the clients.... but that it may be the content on your flyers? Not using flyers effectively could possibly be destroying your  brand. Oh my....just thinking about my own marketing blunders and mistakes that I

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