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The power of your words. I can remember the final days of my faith journey as I was preparing to open my childcare center, Akeba Academy I was so happy. I felt like I had passed all the hurdles there was to pass. I just knew my childcare center was
One of the greatest obstacles that prevent a business from producing the greatest amount of profit is the organizational skills of the business owner and the systems they have in place. I’ve seen it happen every single day where most childcare businesses are not as successful as they could be
What a wild time it was to experience a conference completely geared towards marketing and managing a successful childcare business with the focus on summer enrollment. Every time I’ve attended any type of live conference event concerning my childcare business, I’ve always grown and taken my life and my business
Did you know the way you organize your childcare program has everything to do with what you have available and are capable of marketing to parents? Have you noticed how your summer program pretty much blends into your normal day-to-day where you haven’t put much thought into it? The kids
[caption id="attachment_3551" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Customer Loyalty Service Support [/caption] Are you experiencing so many different complaints from parents each and every day? Was it something a staff member did or didn't do that's causing you to be flooded with so many customer service concerns from parents, so many parents dis-enrolling because
Are you shocked or surprised by the overwhelming skill set that it requires to own and manage a successful childcare business? Several childcare business owners, like yourself, just truly thought, caring for kids would be easy, and simple, and all you had to do was love and nurture them. However, behind

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