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Hello Childcare Boss! Do you own and operate a childcare facility within the inner city of your area? Do you find that you're ready to attract more clients that will value your childcare business? If so, today's training is going to help you achieve that! Just recently I hired a
[embed][/embed] Hello Childcare Boss! So 2016 is gone and 2017 is now here! What are you going to change in order for you to have a successful business year? Well here's my 7 Changes that I am making or have already made in my childcare business. #1 Stop wearing the
[video_player type="embed" width="560" height="315" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20"][/video_player] One thing I've noticed in the childcare industry is when you don't create a vision board that's attractive, exciting, meaningful and aligned with your goals, you tend to never reference it or stick with your original plan until it is accomplished. For instance,
[video_player type="embed" width="560" height="315" align="center" margin_top="0" margin_bottom="20"][/video_player]   In my office this week I have been very busy with staff training and making preparations for the NEW YEAR! [caption id="attachment_3851" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Andrea Dickerson Staff Quarterly Agenda Training[/caption] I know from experience that properly preparing for your new year tends to open
[caption id="attachment_3741" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Andrea Setting Goals For Staffing[/caption] Today I want to take you on a journey. On this journey we're going to discuss how you can win big with your staff and team. I remember Coach Kamau Dickerson telling me awhile ago that as long as we have
Are you happy with the results that you're experiencing financially in your childcare business? Have you questioned yourself as to why you can't get ahead and keep an acceptable amount of money in your personal account, but instead it's constantly going out? Are you unhappy with the fact that you've
Have you ever answered the phone, and the first thing someone asked was, "what do you charge?" Have you ever had someone walk in and tour your facility, and then they start asking. "what do you charge?" There's a feeling on the inside of you, and you're thinking to yourself,

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