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Are you happy with the results that you're experiencing financially in your childcare business? Have you questioned yourself as to why you can't get ahead and keep an acceptable amount of money in your personal account, but instead it's constantly going out? Are you unhappy with the fact that you've
Have you ever answered the phone, and the first thing someone asked was, "what do you charge?" Have you ever had someone walk in and tour your facility, and then they start asking. "what do you charge?" There's a feeling on the inside of you, and you're thinking to yourself,
The season for back to school has begun. What are you going to do as a childcare business owner? Have you started considering what your back to school perspective, objective and goal will be? In today’s coaching lesson provided to you by the IOwnADaycare blog, I want to give you
Are you wondering what the new season of "Back To School" will bring your business, classrooms and enrollment? Do you feel like you have the plan for back to school and now you need the right systems in place? If you have staff, and if you’re reading this, you definitely
Why is goal setting mid-year so important? Every year around about January, childcare business owners and people of any industry start making a fresh start. They write down goals of what they’re going to eat, where they’re going to go, what they’re going to do, and what life is going

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