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Are you a childcare business owner that struggles to find rhythm for their day? Do you go into your childcare business with thoughts, plans, and ideas but once you sit down to your desk it never really happens? Do you find yourself doing everything else but what you thought about
Are you a childcare business owner and you're tackling tasks, doing as much as you can, but you still don't feel as productive as you'd like? In today's blog training, I'm going to talk to you about how to improve your productivity in your childcare business. I want to encourage
Hey there Childcare Boss! Welcome to today’s blog! If you have been using your holidays as a way for you to catch up on your office work; I want to speak to you today in a candid conversation style and encourage you on how to get your business organized so
During the holiday months, you may notice that parents will keep their children home, and without proper sign up systems, it will cause a fluctuation in your enrollment during major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years. With this fluctuation, you may wonder exactly what would be financially beneficial
Being a childcare owner over a period of time can cause you to go blind to certain things that happens in your childcare business. Your eyes, your ears, your emotions, how you feel, what you see, how you present yourself, the things that you expect becomes an acquaintance. [caption id="attachment_4830"
Hey you guys this is your coach Andrea Dickerson And today’s blog is about back to school training for your child care staff.  I believe your child  care staff will be the key to you having an easy profitable and manageable back to school season. Back-to-school season world wide usually
Hey, you guys this is your coach Andrea Dickerson and I have a question for you? Do you have a nightly routine in place to help you achieve more the next day? [caption id="attachment_4797" align="aligncenter" width="553"] Coach Andrea Dickerson Nightly Routine[/caption] If not, read this blog because it's really going
Hello, everyone. This is your coach, Andrea Dickerson here, with where we connect childcare business owners with proven management solutions. For today’s proven management solution, I want to talk to you about what my life is like when I don’t take time to plan. As I was preparing for
[embed][/embed] Hey, you guys! This is your coach Andrea Dickerson, and I'm super excited because I am back on tour for the 2018 childcare business year. I have been setting major goals to have sold out events and to host impactful events that will change the childcare business owners' life,

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